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Paul Chen and his company Hanwei has become one of the best known names in the sword world. Paul Chen grew up in Taiwan where, as a young man, he developed an ongoing fascination for swords and knives. Largely unable to afford antique and custom-made pieces he became a custom maker himself, enjoying success in this field in both Asia and U.S. Samurai swords have acted as the corner stone of Hanwei. The company has gained a tremendous base of knowledge in construction and metallurgical techniques by working with historical pieces. Hanwei's Samurai swords are now regarded as state of the art, and offer the martial artist and collector and unparalleled opportunity to own a fine quality sword.

Red Dragon Armoury

Red Dragon Sparring Pants - X-Large X-Large

Our HEMA Sparring Pants by Red Dragon are designed for HEMA and are constructed from a 350N rated heavy-duty cotton. They feature padded protection panels on the front of the upper thighs and a layer of padding over the knees. The level of protection on...

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Red Dragon Armoury

Red Dragon Light HEMA Jacket - X-Large X-Large

Our HEMA Light Sparring Jacket by Red Dragon is designed for HEMA and is constructed from a 350N rated heavy-duty cotton with an inner lining. The jacket features less padding than our HEMA Sparring Jacket and is better suited to single hand weapons such...

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CAS Hanwei Sword Oil

This is one bottle of 4 oz Paul Chen sword maintenance oil. CAS Hanwei Sword Oil is specially formulated to provide corrosion protection for high-carbon steel blades and other edged weapons. Contains Petroleum Distillates. CAS Hanwei Sword Oil is...

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